GUY SCHWARTZ - On Tour Summer/Fall 2010
We put out the album full of weed songs on 4.20 ('Weed At Walmart' by Bourbon & Schwartz),
and got the reunion album with Roger Tausz & Billy Block
('The Return Of The Zap Rhythm Band' by Guy Schwartz) in time for some advance copies to be sold
at the big Birthday Bash and benefit we through for Billy Block.
More Texas tour dates with Billy Bourbon, as well as a short midwest tour in
the spring as Bourbon & Schwartz.


Mon 19 McKinney, TX - House Concert
Wed 21 Columbus, NE - Whiskey Sands
Thu 22 Norfolk, NE - Jam @ The Depot
Fri 23 Norfolk, NE - The Mint Bar
Sat 24 Washington, IA - JPs 207 Club
Sun 25 Wichita, KS - The Lizard Lounge
Mon 26 Edmond, OK - Majors Bar (fundraiser for Chad Moody for Governor)

Spent the the year without the stress of potential loss of the house and moving, but,
the stress of making enough to pay the large bankruptcy payment is a ball-buster.
The TV series rock on, and my video business is growing.
Did some great videos for Steve Krase, Trudy Lynn, TNT
and the word about my video work keeps spreading.
SOUTH BY DUE EAST and BluesGuy's Birthday Jam #14 went off without a hitch,
and a good time was had by all.
Finished the year working on a new video for Steve Krase
and a new album for Feo Y Loco.
Life goes on, and it's still good!

I had four albums in the works to release this year. I got the blues one out (BluesWriter v6.0 - released in February),
and kept working on the one full of weed songs, a live album and DVD from The Affordables,
and one a reunion album with Roger Tausz & Billy Block.
More Texas tourdates with Billy Bourbon, and some Austin dates with The Affordables.
There was a 'SchwartzFest2013' in Austin which kinda happened on July 4th!
Spent the first half of the year selling our posessions in preparation for a
loss of the house and moving, but, managed a miracle save in late July, and will now play catch-up with
the TV series, SOUTH BY DUE EAST, and getting the other three albums out before the year is up.
Life is good!

Back to the roots - staying close to home.
Mostly Texas dates with Billy Bourbon. Wharton, Baytown, Hockley, Sante Fe, La Porte, Montgomery,
Katy, Bay City, West Columbia, Austin, Galveston, Houston - there are a lot of towns in Texas,
and three times as many ice houses and roadhouses! The fight for the house continued,
but I spent some quality time in Austin, putting together my new Austin band - Guy Schwartz & The Affordables.
In addition to my normal fall/winter routine (editing the TV season,
and putting together the annual SOUTH BY DUE EAST festival and shoot), I put together a benefit for
Pam Jam which was held in January 2013. It was a nice event.
Carolyn, Beans, Opie - a whole unch of great music and love.
We raised about $7k -
enough to pay her basic bills until she passed away.

I was touring the south this year, during January, and then again in April thru June. Mostly along Interstate 10 to Jacksonville and back. Had to stop touring and concentrate on keeping my home from a predatory bank after that.

I'm touring again this year, during May & then July through October.

Check the map and see if you live near my route!
I'm looking for events, collaborators and patrons along the way,
especially house concerts, bands that I can perform with,
spontaneous musicians with a cool idea for a guerrilla performance,
and kind people with an extra bed, a smoke, or a meal...


Texas bandleader, songwriter and film-maker, Guy Schwartz,
is about to release his 45th album with a renewed commitment
to live performances on the road.

Hailed as a hero by some in his hometown of Houston, Texas,
for a career in music that goes back to the '60s, Guy Schwartz' unwavering support of
local musicians and music in Houston has led to his being called
'The Godfather of The Local Music Scene' by The Houston Press,
and his band, The New Jack Hippies, has been called
"Texas premiere blues-rock, hippie jam band", by Nashville's Billy Block.

Schwartz has performed as a sideman for a diverse group of artists,
including Vince Bell, Lightnin' Hopkins, BW Stephenson, Blaze Foley, Gurf Morlix,
Lionel Hampton & The Monkees, and, his bands (including Relayer and Z-Rocks)
have toured with the likes of Nickle Creek, David Lindley,
U2, Eric Johnson, Muddy Waters, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis & The News,
Todd Rundgren, Carolyn Wonderland, Van Gunn, The Thieves, ZZTop...

Playing 200 road dates a year with The New Jack Hippies as recently as 2003,
Schwartz' efforts have been recently concentrated in studio work and video.
Schwartz & video partner MArlo Blue have created TWO television series
featuring local, original Texas music of all styles and genres.

Now - Guy Schwartz has decided to make a change that he can believe in.
"Working in the studio and editing room with all of the great Texas talent is a blast,
but it's time to spend more time playing my songs again", he announced in March.

This summer, on these scheduled shows, Guy Schwartz will often leave the cameras to MArlo,
as he straps on his acoustic guitar to play and sing
some of his favorite songs from 45 years of songwriting.
The songs include his love songs, rock songs,
country songs, weed songs, and unconventional blues songs,
recorded by artists as varied as Hamilton Loomis,
Kinky Friedman, Gloria Edwards & The Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra.

Schwartz' current acoustic tour (without the band) sports conventional dates at established venues,
but also concentrates on spontaneous musical events created on the fly,
as he meets new musicians, often found on Facebook, MySpace & Google AFTER he hits town,
and convinces them to do something spontaneous for the cameras,
usually in an unannounced guerilla raid on an unsuspecting restaurant,
college campus, or anywhere that sounds like fun.

This new musical reality TV show is called 'Guy Schwartz' Road Journal',
and it's first season was well received in Texas.

Besides the perfect musical strangers he meets as he goes,
episodes have featured guests like songwriting giant Billy Joe Shaver in North Carolina,
Texas triple-threat Carolyn Wonderland in Amsterdam,
and Americana Music Awards multi-winner Gurf Morlix in the Cottage Country of Ontario, Canada
(as they perform unanounced in a 50-foot tall Teepee).

Find episodes of 'Guy Schwartz' Road Journal' online at www.Hippies.TV

Find Guy Schwartz in your town... maybe at your house...

I was touring during August & September 2008.

Did some conventional gigs
(festivals, cafes, concerts & clubs)
but was really looking for alternative gigs like
house concerts and internet tv/radio stations,
and other ways to play music without gigs
and videotape them for our TV shows.

I headed out to perform solo and acoustically,
but had my electric gear as well.

We visited a few friends
and played a few gigs which were booked in advance,
but mostly made up the script as we went along.
On most nights, we hit town and went googling for musicians online
until we made something musical happen.

Check out all of the videos on the touring page!

We arrived back home on the day that Hurricane Ike hit Houston
and had no electricity at the house for the next 16 days
so our road trip was extended another two weeks at Roger & Kerri's house in Missouri City, Texas.

I'll be headed back out when I can, probably in 2010 -
so please ask me to join a bill with your band, throw a house concert,
or let's create an opportunity to play together!